Freitag, 27. Juli 2007


The basic idea of our project was to create a building that always (best case ;) ) provides a nice environment to deal with your current task. E.g. learn/communicate/relax depending on the function/settings of the room you're currently in. Since we do not see the possibility to always accommodate the needs of every individual person in a public building we focus on dealing with a group of people and the (expected) state of this group. For example we expect a group of people, coming from the cold and rainy outside to prefer an environment that projects warmth and calmity.
Since we cannot do this by changing factors like the room size itself we chose to change colors which have a huge impact on the way people perceive their environment.
The way the room changes in different situations certainly depends on the layout and function of a certain room and would have to be worked out by the architect and possibly some psychologists to reach the best solution.
Basically you can say that reddish colors produce warmth, calmity and make the room appear smaller while blue helps people to concentrate and make the room appear colder and bigger.

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